A scout from the Swedish Credit Association’s Autumn Conference

Last Thursday, more than 100 people from Kreditsverige gathered to exchange experiences, get to know each other and get inspiration at the Credit Association’s annual autumn conference. I have had the privilege of being chairman of the association for the past two years and it is incredibly inspiring to meet so many from the same industry and network.

Credit union

Credit union

The Credit Union is an organization that safeguards the business interests of credit management and its members come from banks, finance and debt collection companies. Issues that are currently being discussed in the credit industry are fraud, automation and digitization. But softer issues such as how we handle stress and how we create safe workplaces were on the agenda.

During the day we heard, among other things, more about money laundering, which is a major problem. We also got to know about the Crime Prevention Council’s just-smoking fresh report “Silence Culture – A Study on Silence Against the Judicial System” where the section “Crime against and within organizations” was extra interesting.

Cream Bank was present and talked about how they use AI and Machine learning in their credit management. We were also told Best Bank’s chief economist Annis Winsworth that she sees a pretty dark future for Sweden’s economy. Mark Olerte gave us an insight into the political situation in Sweden and the US and how the election in the US in a year will affect us in Sweden.

The last lecturer was Arrida Riabacke, PhD in risk and decision analysis, as well as the author of the book “Decision Pyramid”. According to him, people have never been more important than now, in times of rapid technological development and with large amounts of information exchange.

People do business with people, not machines

People do business with people, not machines

All research shows that humans are not prone to change and that our brains have looked the same for 30,000 years. Our brains are oversized to detect threats and risks, which creates a problem in today’s society, what we think is dangerous is rarely the case.

Arrida talked further that decisions should not be made on fears, but on dreams and hopes. The fear of failure has created more failures than the failures themselves.
– If we do not dare to do wrong, we can also not do right, he concluded his lecture.

Despite an intense day there was a lot of energy left for tonight’s dinner and entertainment.

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